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Box Cutter Replacement Blades (L-014)
Series: ALL / blade


Product Feature:

Ultra-sharp, heavy-duty 3/4 inch (18 mm) wide 30-Degree angle snap-blade
7 snap-off segments for a total of 8 cutting edges per blade
10 blades, packaged in a protective, moisture-resistant hard pack
Antioxidant does not rust, sharp blade, anti-static insulation, high hardness, wear resistance, durable.
Washable work knife special replacement blade, stainless steel, rust-washable.
Large fixed-blade utility knives are most often employed in an outdoors context, such as fishing, camping, or hunting. Outdoor utility knives typically feature sturdy blades from 100?to 150 millimetres (4–6?in) in length, with edge geometry designed to resist chipping and breakage.
The term "utility knife" may also refer to small fixed-blade knives used for crafts, model-making and other artisanal projects. These small knives feature light-duty blades best suited for cutting thin, lightweight materials. The small, thin blade and specialized handle permit cuts requiring a high degree of precision and control.
The fixed or folding blade utility knife is popular for both indoor and outdoor use. One of the most popular types of workplace utility knife is the retractable or folding utility knife (also known as a Stanley knife, box cutter, X-Acto knife, or by various other names). These types of utility knives are designed as multi-purpose cutting tools for use in a variety of trades and crafts. Designed to be lightweight and easy to carry and use, utility knives are commonly used in factories, warehouses, construction projects, and other situations where a tool is routinely needed to mark cut lines, trim plastic or wood materials, or to cut tape, cord, strapping, cardboard, or other packaging material


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